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Filtered Color Fabric Collection

View the world through a new filter. Infused with an inner glow and detailed with an outer luster, this fresh palette of subtle tones brings a refined sense of luxury to any space. From soft purple-hued Iris to shimmery Gold Leaf, the fabrics pay homage to the storied glamour of the gilded age and draw inspiration from digital photo effects, ushering in a new era of insta-glam.

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Color Library Filtered Color Fabric Collection


With its subtle blue undertones, Iris taps into purple’s elegant side. This surprisingly versatile color can just as easily thrive within the clean lines of art deco as it can within a modern floral design.

Iris Fabrics


A grayed out blue with a hint of luminosity, Blue Opal celebrates the subtle glow of its semi-precious namesake. Indeed, this soothing hue gives soft rock a whole new meaning.

Blue Opal Fabrics


Gilty pleasures are indulged with Gold Leaf. Inspired by the shimmering riches of ancient Egypt, this dazzling shade has a halcyon heart.

Gold Leaf Fabrics


Luster meets luxury in this color inspired by a heavenly metal. On its own or layered with other shades and tones, Zinc is comfortable as both a star or in a supporting role.

Zinc Fabrics


A fresh, pale green with more than a drop of sophistication. Dew is an intriguing shade of celadon infused with a subtle glow and a soft edge.

Dew Fabrics