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Color Library Multi-Purpose

 Color Library Multi-Purpose Fabric Collection

New Multi-Purpose Color Library Books

Our NEW Color Library Multi-Purpose collection has a new look and is an exciting foray into exuberant pattern, energizing color, and a fresh new design point of view for 2016. The fabrics feature globally inspired motifs with archival and artisanal origins. They include large-scale medallions, graphic paisleys and playful ikats, and come in fantastic constructions such as embroideries, prints and multi-purpose wovens. Patterns and colors in this collection are meant to be layered. They also dovetail nicely with Robert Allen Color Library upholstery collections, as well as the Drenched and Landscape Color lines.

Multi-Purpose Color Library Books featuring prints, wovens and embroideries in a meticulously edited selection of small and mid-scale patterns in colors that coordinate with existing upholstery books. Water-Cobalt-Spring Grass offers fresh, livable color, Chocolate-Lemongrass-Peony provides invigorating contrast, and Glacier-Pewter-Driftwood contains earthier tones.

Fountain, Dew and Sea

Soft shades of blue and green form the foundation of this soothing color book inspired by water. While Dew, from the Color Library Filtered Color 2014 collection, brings more green into the palette, Fountain and Sea are two new hues that round out the offering with their subtle shades of light turquoise and pale blue


Zinc, Citrine and Chalkboard

Varying shades of gray infused with pops of yellow meld soothing tones with high-energy accents in this color book. Zinc, a light gray from Color Library Filtered Color 2014, and Chalkboard, a dark gray from Color Library 2013, serve as perfect counterpoints to the golden yellow of the newly introduced Citrine.

 Zinc, Citrine and Chalkboard

Wisteria, Iris and Chartreuse

Feminine with an edge, this color book is both fresh and high-fashion. The blue undertones of Iris, originally part of the Color Library Filtered Color 2014 collection, complement the bright, yellow-green of Chartreuse (from Robert Allen@Home’s Rain color story) and the warm reddish purple of Wisteria.Fresh, bright and full of vigor, the youthful green of Spring Grass signifies new beginnings with a crisp edge.

 Wisteria, Iris and Chartreuse