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Larry Laslo Chameleon Fabric Collection

For their latest collaboration, Robert Allen and design luminary Larry Laslo have launched Chameleon, a first of its kind showroom only fabric collection that draws from the worlds of art, fashion, history, and nature. Laslo’s penchant for clean, saturated colors found in nature is evident throughout this collection, which is as refreshingly bold as it is livable. Chameleon speaks with vivid colors and offers unique transitional and modern fabrics. The designs and textures work together to create a complex look that is reminiscent of the wild, natural beauty of a jungle.

Chameleon’s vibrant jewel tone palette is visually saturated with colors, such as Amazon, Butterfly, and Molten, while maintaining a balance with classic hues such as Gold Leaf, Saffron, Lapis, and Zinc. The designs offer an array of exotic motifs, including scarabs in their statement piece (Tropic Storm), an understated two-tone snakeskin (Hidden World), iridescent abstracts resembling water (Crystal River), and dynamic geometric patterns (Ancient Angle, Energy Shift, Mirror Pyramid). Chameleon deftly weaves the designs with eye-catching materials including embroidered metallic yarns and shimmering textured velvets for a fabric collection that encourages designers to layer and play with different combinations.