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Illustrative, bold, expressive and often permanent—tattoos define cultures, tell stories and like a vow, they should not be undone. Paying homage to this artful, indigenous practice, we debut our latest collection: Ink by Beacon Hill. Developed in partnership with the world’s finest artisan mills for a variety of applications, these relevant and arresting surface designs and dynamic constructions will make an indelible mark on any space.




Enter the dragon. The classic Japanese ryu tattoo is a familiar motif thanks to popular culture. Though a symbol of ferocity and strength in the West, dragons stand for generosity and wisdom in the East. Rendered in color-rich tones recalling the dragon’s Eastern associations with water and rain, this multicolor jacquard works well as a focal fabric in drapery and bedding applications.


Inspired by the tribal tatuajes created by Peru’s Shipibo, an indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest, this mesmerizing geometric motif is rooted in shamanistic rituals and visions. Appearing on ceramics, homes and even the faces of tribal members, each series of lines serves as an actual tune that can be sung. Ideal for pillows and other accessories, our midscale jacquard will create harmony in any room.


In serene, neutral colorways, this distressed motif draws from the Indian practice of mehendi, a celebratory form of body art in which paste, made from the henna plant, is applied to skin in intricate designs, dried and then removed to reveal a temporary tattoo. The interplay of threads produces myriad paths for the eye to follow for a modern paisley perfect for light upholstery and drapery.


The thick lines of this richly textured fabric were informed by the powerful, graphic tattoos once used as a form of communication by Polynesian cultures. For these tribes, tattoos denote social hierarchy and represent a highly skilled art form. Maintaining that integrity, this embroidered statement-maker adds strength to a space both as drapery or light upholstery.


A blend of modern and ancient motifs, this design pulls from UK punk rock style and traditional Indian garments. Piercings, studs and grommets, which defined the fashion looks of the 70s counter-culture, were reimagined as metal-wrapped yarns, beads and sequins applied by hand to a silk and linen ground. A corresponding dotted pattern echoes the pierced concept and anchors the exquisite handiwork for a completely original design beautifully suited for drapery.