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Drenched Color Fabric Collection

Robert Allen presents Drenched Color, a color-soaked collage of crushed reds and inky blues inspired by the intense, saturated hues achieved through natural dyeing methods. The fabric line embodies the concentrated colors present in organic materials like berries, bark, and roots. These rich tones bloom into painterly designs influenced by manual production processes, such as resist dyeing and batik. Patterns range from the globally inspired, like ikat and ogee motifs, to the geometrically influenced, such as interlocking latticework and graphic chevrons—all with the common thread of arresting color and unstudied beauty.

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Drenched Color Fabric Collection


Flaunting one of the most brilliant colors found in the natural world, Beet’s saturated red-cast purple connotes high fashion and pairs well with everything from creamy white to bright green—like that found in its leafy tops.

Drenched Color Beet Fabrics

Batik Blue

Like your favorite pair of jeans, Batik Blue’s inky dark indigo is infinitely versatile whether layered with similar unbuttoned blues for a classic, tone-on-tone look, or offset with arresting colors, such as fuchsia and lime.

Batik Blue Fabrics

Mussel Shell

Inspired by a bivalve’s opalescent, purple-tinged blue, Mussel Shell is an intriguing, grownup version of periwinkle that balances masculine and feminine undertones.

Mussel Shell Fabrics


As classic rose’s smart stylish cousin, Cassis’s invigorating reddish pink hue can easily skew traditional or modern, depending on the pattern and accompanying accessories.

Cassis Fabrics


The spicy red shade of Henna evokes a classic retro spirit reminiscent of midcentury mod design, but is given a fresh new vibe when mixed with neutrals and grays.

Henna Fabrics