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Robert Allen Designer Spotlight – Sherry Hayslip, Hayslip Design Associates

Over the past 30 plus years, Sherry Hayslip, ASID, IIDA, has established a reputation as one of the premier interior designers in Dallas/Fort Worth. As owner and principal designer of Hayslip Design Associates, Inc., Sherry is personally involved in every firm project. Sherry's range of experience is a reflection of her insistence on researching the history of whatever style she is working in and discovering what draws the client to that aesthetic. She has worked on everything from a grand, 36,000 square-foot, 1750’s plantation residence on the National Historic Registry, to a miniscule .05 square-foot tree trunk home for an imaginary bunny.

1. How long have you been practicing interior design in Dallas?

Eons….since the late seventies, early eighties.  Long enough for some of the new styles to look suspiciously familiar.  I guess you could describe me as vintage.

2. Describe your design aesthetic in 10 words or less.

My design aesthetic is composed of equal parts curiosity, wonder, classic proportions, unusual perspectives, respect for the best design in every style, passion, research, fresh palettes, cool technology, natural light and materials, and a joy in the clash of the raw and the refined.

3. Your husband, Cole Smith is a prominent architect, have you worked on any projects together?  What were some of the most interesting / challenging?

Some of my best projects have been with Cole: a wonderful California wine country getaway, a Jamaican vacation villa, and several projects (from period traditional to very contemporary) in Dallas and Fort Worth.  Logistically, the project we worked on in Jamaica was very challenging… but we’ve completed so many projects from our home base in Dallas… all it takes is a few hundred conference calls, thousands of airline miles, and lots and lots of patience and creativity.

4. Tell us about the importance of bespoke design and how you incorporate into your interiors.

I would rather design and make almost anything than just select it from a catalogue.  While that isn’t practical for everything, I can’t remember a single project I have worked on, no matter how large or small, that some items weren’t created just for that interior.  One example is a cantilevered, hand carved console.  I designed this unique console along with my very talented brother, Michael Stallings, who also happens to be my furniture fabricator. We’ve been fortunate that it’s been honored in a few awards competitions, in the U.S. and London.

5. What are some of your favorite travel destinations for inspiration?

Everywhere – from wandering through the dogwoods during an East Texas springtime to trudging up a path toward an Italian hilltop village to strolling Hausmann’s boulevards in Paris at Christmastime… you name it.  Paris was a recent site for inspiration when Cole and I received a tour of Coco Chanel’s private apartment above the flagship Chanel boutique on Rue Cambon.  The interiors directly inspired the designer showcase I created for the recent International Art, Antiques and Jewelry Show in Dallas.

6. What historical period in terms of interior design is most inspirational to you?

Every period intrigues me.  Most period interiors are mysterious because we know so little and that feeds my imagination.  If forced to choose, it would be sometime between the 16th and 18th centuries.

7. Fill in the blank – Every home should have ______

Art, books, wine, music, flowers, a signature scent and a divine place to read – near a window with a comfy chair, a foot stool, a nearby table for a glass of wine, good light and a soft breeze.

8. Robert Allen recently announced their 2015 Interior Design Color of the Year, which is Calypso Blue.   How will you use this color in your interiors?

Calypso Blue is such a gorgeous, deeply saturated teal blue.  I can’t wait to incorporate it into one of my projects.  I love the way it glimmers next to emerald greens and violets.  I will use it in large swaths to create a rich ambiance or as accents in a white room to spark the design.

9. What is your favorite (go-to) textile from Robert Allen or Beacon Hill?  How have you used it in your projects?

My current favorite is the amazing silk that we used in our “a la Coco” designer showcase.  It glows and was the perfect couture look for our design.

10. What is your favorite project that you have done with Robert Allen / Beacon Hill and why?  Can you show us any examples of this project?

Included here are a few pictures of our recent work that have included Robert Allen products…

11. What are you most excited for in 2015?

I’m excited to see where technology will continue to drive the design industry.  It’s been so fascinating to see how LED and OLED lighting, laser cutting and 3D printing have affected our worlds and every day there is more and more innovation.  Magic is happening all around us – we just call it science.

Robert Allen Designer Spotlight – Sherry Hayslip, Hayslip Design Associates

Robert Allen Designer Spotlight – Sherry Hayslip, Hayslip Design Associates

Robert Allen Designer Spotlight – Sherry Hayslip, Hayslip Design Associates

Robert Allen Designer Spotlight – Sherry Hayslip, Hayslip Design Associates

Robert Allen Designer Spotlight – Sherry Hayslip, Hayslip Design Associates