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Robert Allen Spotlight

Robert Allen Spotlight

Gary Brown

Robert Allen’s legacy has been influential for the past 80 years while serving the design and hospitality industry. Throughout that time, creatives have worked inside Robert Allen, helping to create the almost 100-year legacy it is today.

One of the creatives that has worked tirelessly to create it is Gary Brown. Gary has worked with Robert Allen and Duralee for 13 years. He started in the showrooms and is now an invaluable member who pitches in from creating to training.

Q: What is your job title?

A: I am free of a title. I have had various roles that have evolved over the years. I support the merchandising narrative. I’m into details and taste. I like to think that grace comes before style.

Q: What is a typical day in the life like for you?

A: I don’t have a typical day; I’m more entrepreneurial in my workday. I take on tasks as they are needed. I work with teammates to get work done. I take any opportunity to reach out through calls, emails, and sketches.

Q: Why does this type of work interest you?

A: It was a happy accident. I love fashion. I was interested in fashion as a kid, which prompted me to pursue my degree in fashion merchandising. As retail changed, transitioning into the interior design industry was a natural progression. I started in Robert Allen showrooms, and it grew from there.

Q: What do you like most about working at Robert Allen?

A: Definitely the people. Management has done a really great job of connecting talents.

Q: How does Robert Allen differ from its competitors?

A: The owner makes it different. We’re not driven by the same core values that other textile companies have. I feel that it’s a fresh way of thinking—more sustainable. Robert Allen is re-inventing the game to gain a better competitive edge. We march to the beat of our own drum.

Q: Tell me about the changes you are experiencing in the industry.

A: Change can be exciting, and one exciting change that I am seeing is that companies are expected to offer more than what is standard practice.

Q: If you could create the next big project without any regard for time or budget, what would it be?

A: I would create my own textile line that is clean and sophisticated. And create imagery to promote it in a newly imagined way.

Q: How would you describe working at Robert Allen?

A: In a word - ENERGIZING! There’s always something going on, and it creates a lot of high energy.

Gary considers one of his most significant accomplishments to be that he set out to make it in NYC, and he did. He followed his dream to leave his small town in Virginia and make it in NY. And we are glad he is here. Throughout his 13 years with RADG, he has helped style furniture, trained various employees in numerous roles, and continuously evolves to meet the needs of Robert Allen.