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Nanotex Modern Upholstery

Robert Allen Contract introduces a brand new collection of sumptuous fabrics that can roll with the punches. Sporting fresh, fashion-forward designs, on trend colors and a Nanotex finish, these textiles look pretty while fending off serious spills and stains. The high-performance line comes with a super chic selection of large- medium- and small-scale patterns, and is available in a wide array of colors, including rich yellows, soothing greys, updated reds and sophisticated blues.

Nanotex® has set the industry standard, creating fabrics that offer unsurpassed performance and comfort. By working at the nano-scale, these textile enhancements provide amazing functional improvements without changing the natural characteristics of the fabric, like hand and drape. Since these technologies permanently bond with the individual fibers of the fabric, their durability is unsurpassed